American Express Card Number Format in 2023

by Sapphire Hart

American Express Card Number Format in 2023 - The trend of buying and shopping online is gradually pushing taking prominence. Online transactions involve paying without cash. There are cards that provide solutions to this problem. Local stores also accept these cards as the means of payment. These cards make people more financially safe. There are two types of cards – Credit and Debit Card –but both perform the same function and ensure complete secure transactions.

Why the Need to know AmEx Card Number Format?

Why the Need to know AmEx Card Number Format?
Why the Need to know AmEx Card Number Format?

There are a lot of credit cards today which are all issued by different banks or credit card companies. AmEx card is one of the most commonly used credit cards. There are thousands of transactions being carried out with AmEx Cards in the US in a day.

AmEx credit card is an example of a credit card that is issued by the American Express. Like any other credit card, you can use AmEx cards the US or other countries of the world. While it is not as popular as MasterCard and Visa, there is a growing acceptance for the card. Because of this, there is a need to identify how an AmEx credit card looks like.

This article will discuss some important features you can easily use to identify an American Express card.

The first thing you need to do is to understand the format of the card. The card numbers are not generic numbers. They are created from government approved special algorithms.

Understanding the American Express Card Number Format and Design in 2023

As discussed before, the numbers on the card are not generic. Although American Express cards come in different types – Green, Gold and Platinum Card. The number format on all of them is pretty much the same thing. Each digit on the card represents a key detail of what kind of account you are running with the American Express.

Understanding the American Express Card Number Format and Design in 2023
Understanding the American Express Card Number Format and Design in 2023

Number format

AmEx Card numbers are created using special combinations and algorithms to guide against fraud. This format makes it easy to catch fake cards that were not issued by American Express. The bank or card issuer links the card with your account which makes it impossible for a randomly generated card to access your account. Here is a breakdown of the numbers

- First Digit: The first digit of any credit card is usually only synonymous to a specific bank or card issuer. For a typical American Express Card, the first digit starts with 3. Each card issuer has to register the number with the government.

The first and second digit serves as Issuer Number – means of identifying the bank that owns the card.

- Second Digit: The second digit is also associated with a particular bank. The second digit of American Express cards is usually 4 or 7. Any card with a second digit other than this but has looked like an American Express Card is a fake.

- Card Number Length: All cards used for processing transactions online or offline have their own unique length. The maximum length of any credit or debit card can have is 19. For example, Visa card has a number length of 19 digits, Mastercard has only 16 digits.

All American Express Cards have a fixed length. A typical AmEx card has 15 digits, and they are arranged using specific combinations. All 15 digits are unique to a particular bank account.

The combination starts with a first part which has 4 digits followed by a 6 digit second part. The remaining 5 digits make up the third part.

This length makes it easier to separate one card issuer from another. It also ensures that people who are using the credit or debit cards are safe and protected financially.

- Account Number: The account number of the cardholder starts from the second part of the card number combination. The first digit in your account number is the 5th digit on the card number and the last digit is the 11th digit.

Number format
Number format

AmEx card Identification Number

When making online transactions, there will be prompted to input the card’s identification number. This code is similar to the CVC and CVV used in MasterCard and Visa cards, respectively. This code is usually found on the back of Visa and MasterCard and it is usually a 3-digit pin.

American Express cards do not have their identification number on the back. The code is above the card number in front of the card. It is always a 4-digit pin.

Cardholder’s name

The presence of a cardholder’s name in front of a credit card is not strange to anyone. AmEx cards have the name of the card owner in the lower left corner

Card Expiration Date

Everything about AmEx cards differs from other cards. You will find the Expiration date of an AmEx card is in front of the card above the cardholder’s name.

All American Express Cards use a centurion image as its logo. There also is the Centurion image hologram embedded along the magnetic stripe, helping identify if a AmEx card is authentic.

AmEx Card Centurion image Logo
AmEx Card Centurion image Logo

Counterfeit AmEx cards Dectection

This is for store owners who accept American Express cards as payment. Although the above format and design format of American Express cards are enough to identify a card, you still need to know how to recognize fake cards. There are ways you can easily detect and catch scammers trying to dupe you with an AmEx credit card

American Express cards are shiny with the high gloss touch. This means that even after frequent usage, they will still keep some shine. Hence, double check any American Express Card that looks particularly dull.

Also, American Express cards have sharp edges and are rectangular in shape. Presence of bent edges or bent rectangle should set the alarm bells ringing in your head. Bent edges mean you need to vet the credit card well before proceeding to verify a sale.

Front of the card

There are different easy ways you can spot if a card is counterfeit before you process the purchases of the scammer using it.

- See if the embossed black numbers on the card look smudged. Smudged numbers are signs that the card is fake. Ensure you stay alert when collecting AmEx cards.

- Presence of Ghost images around the information printed on the card – date, name, and date.

Back of the card

- Check that the magnetic stripe on the back of the card is original and not scratched. Also, ensure that you verify that the signature on the stripe is not erased.

- The card number printed on the back of the card must match with the one embossed in the front of the card. You can check this easily.

Card Security, Advanced Authenticity and AmEx Customer Support

Card Security, Advanced Authenticity and AmEx Customer Support
Card Security, Advanced Authenticity and AmEx Customer Support

Advanced Authenticity

The authenticity of a card from American Express can be checked using UV light. When the card is placed under Ultraviolet light, a hologram of the centurion logo will appear. ‘AMEX’ should also be visible on the card under this condition. Absence of this hologram is proof that that the card is a counterfeit.

There is also a signature stripe located on the back of all AmEx cards. While other card issuers have this signature stripe too, American Express shows its class with another feature. Together with the signature, the account number of the card owner is also present on the stripe. This is one of the reasons AmEx cards are popular. The security is simplysuperb.

Card security

Card security
Card security

- Handling your credit card’s information will only lead to your detriment. This is because access to your credit card gives the hacker access to your bank account since they are both linked together. Hence it is important to keep all your details as secret as humanly possible.

- You should also refrain from inputting your credit card details in just about anywhere online. Even when processing online transactions, it is important you know how authentic the website is.

Customer Support

For cases when you suspect your credit card is no longer secure, you should try and alert the card issuer i.e. your bank.

When you alert your card issuer, in this case, American Express, a customer support representative will attend to you. He or she would be able to take the necessary steps to block the card. This will prevent any fraud or scam from taking place on your account.

The customer service of American Express is impressive. They are available to pick your calls 24/7 a day and 7 days a week. If you do not want to call, there are agents who are ready to chat with you and help you with any issue you are having. But you need to already have an account to chat with them. To facility a chat session, log in your account on the web or app first. Go to Contact us section, a chat panel will pop up.

You can call them @ 1 (800) 528-4800 . The list of all the international AmEx contact numbers are here.

Conclusion on AmEx Card Number Format in 2023

There are over 50 million people using American Express Cards all over the world. In fact, there are millions of online and online transactions being carried out with American Express cards. This goes to show how many people use AmEx cards.

AmEx card is one of the best cards out there. They are widely accepted because they provide maximum security to the client’s online profile. The transactions completed with American Express cards are also very fast.

AmEx cards are set wide apart from other cards. They design and format they make AmEx cards in makes sure they are not confused with other cards.

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